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My first makes

Hello! I was going through the pictures in my computer the other day, and I found a few of my old makes from when I first started sewing, and I thought I'd share a few of those with you guys, to show what I have learned, and to inspire myself to keep learning and making… Continue reading My first makes

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Space themed wiggle dress

Hello! A few weeks ago I wrote about the wiggle dress that I was working on here.  I am finally done with this, and I mean finally. This dress has been in the making for almost four years, since I first designed it in my head. And to be honest, I am really happy that I… Continue reading Space themed wiggle dress

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Birthday haul (Part I)

Hello lovelies! My birthday is long gone, but this year I got a lot of goodies! My friends and family know me well enough by now, and that if they get me anything vintage, sewing and/or fashion related they are onto a winner with me. So I wanted to share a few of the items… Continue reading Birthday haul (Part I)

Sewing projects

Upcoming project: wiggle dress

A long time ago, back when I first started sewing, I found this fantastic space themed fabric that was perfect for this cute dress pattern. I was really excited to get sewing. So much so that, being a newbie, I managed to cut the pattern wrong. The fabric was actually a remnant, and hard as… Continue reading Upcoming project: wiggle dress

Sewing projects

Little Red Pencil Skirt

Hello! I love sewing. Obviously, hence the sewing blog. However, I don't think that the actual sewing is my favourite part. From the inspiration and deciding that I need that in my wardrobe, to deciding which design I'd like, to finding the pattern, and looking for the fabric - oh, how I love fabric shopping! It can go one… Continue reading Little Red Pencil Skirt